3D horror film coming from The Pang brothers

Scene from The Pang brothers cult classic horror The Eye
Scene from The Pang brothers cult classic horror The Eye

The first-ever Asian digital 3D horror film is coming to theaters courtesy of Universe Films and directing brothers Danny and Oxide Pang (The Messengers, The Eye), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film, titled The Child’s Eye in 3D, will begin shooting this June in Thailand. The directing duo are currently overseeing post-production on their comic adaptation The Storm Warriors, which is due in Hong Kong theaters this December, are returning to the horror roots that brought them international attention with 2002’s The Eye.

The Child’s Eye in 3D follows six stranded Hong Kong travelers during a shutdown of Bangkok Airport during a November 2008 anti-government protest, and their supernatural encounters after the disappearance of three of them. The showpiece of the film will be an underworld made up completely of paper replica houses, filled with paper dolls and autos. The twins will also introduce a monster in the film. This all sounds perfect for 3D treatment.

“The way to handle a monster is the same as creating spooky and suspenseful atmosphere, so it’s something we want to try in this film,” Oxide Pang told THR.

Hong Kong film hardware company Digital Magic will supply the production equipment and The Pangs’ longtime collaborator Fat Face Productions are developing visual effects for the project.

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