Yet another Robert Ludlum spy thriller to get film treatment

Universal is eyeing the Robert Ludlum Cold War novel The Parsifal Mosaic as its next development project, with Imagine Entertainment (Angels and Demons) potentially producing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 1982 book focuses on a struggle between U.S. and Soviet intelligence agents, with American spies Michael Havelock and Jenna Karas, who are partners as well as lovers, at the center of a series of crosses and double crosses. A flashback to a Nazi attack during World War II serves as a basis of the storyline.

The story jumps between countries including Italy, Greece and the former Czechoslovakia. The novel is regarded as perhaps the most Cold War-focused book of Ludlum’s.

Universal already has a first-look deal with the entire Robert Ludlum library of titles and is developing The Sigma Protocol, with Jose Padilha attached to direct, as well as another “Bourne” movie.

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