Mickey Rourke to team with iconic action director Walter Hill for hitman thriller St. Vincent

Mickey Rourke in Johnny Handsome
Mickey Rourke in Johnny Handsome

Empire Magazine reports that Mickey Rourke and Walter Hill, who worked together on the seedy 1989 revenge thriller Johnny Handsome – are re-teaming for St. Vincent, a hitman tale that brings Hill behind the lens again for the first time since the 2002 boxing drama Undisputed,

The plot will see Rourke as a hitman who returns to his old neighbourhood in New York to finish a botched job. Disguised himself as a priest, he inadvertently takes the confession of the guy he’s supposed to eliminate.

Cameron Young (Locker 13) wrote the script for the movie, which should go before the cameras later this year. According the report, it still hasn’t been confirmed that the actor has accepted Marvel’s offer to play the lead bad guy in Iron Man 2, so it’s uncertain if that movie will affect St. Vincent’s shooting scheduling.

Below is the trailer for Rourke and Hill’s previous collaboration, Johnny Handsome.

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