Twilight actors to attend Pop Culture Experience this weekend

The Pop Culture Experience is a new convention in the New England Fan Experience. Focusing on premieres and exciting guests, the Pop Culture Experience hits Boston with celebrity guests from the movie Twilight, which also hits theaters this weekend. The event will welcome Kellan Lutz, who portrays the bear “loving” vampire Emmett Cullen, and Eddie Gathegi, who plays Laurent the vampire who the Cullens are able to reform. Fans of the Twilight book series by Stephanie Myers have long anticipated this film, and they will be out in front for the stars at 6pm.

The Experience runs from Friday, November 21st through Sunday the 23rd. The location is the banks of the Charles River overlooking Boston, in the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, a landmark location. Meet the celebrities, make new friends, dance, enjoy panel discussions, and more.

The New England Fan Experience hosts five conventions, or “experiences”, in the one location. In addition to the Pop Culture Experience fans may be interested in the Anime Kaiju Experience with celebrity guests from Bleach, Johnny Yong Bosch and Vic Magnogna and UFC champion turned Godzilla actor, Don Frye; the Sci-Fi Experience with actors from the Firefly, Doctor Who and Stargate TV series; the Gaming Experience where some of the newest board and video games will be laid out for fans to play; and the Science Technology Experience which hosts MIT professor and astronaut Jeffry Hoffman, and, the longest serving NASA astronaut, Story Musgrave.

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