Thirst coming to UK via newly revamped Tartan shingle

Kang Ho Song in the Chan Wook Park film Thirst
Kang Ho Song in the Chan Wook Park film Thirst
According to Variety and 24 Frames Per Second, the newly revived Palisades Tartan UK has signed a deal with Korea’s CJ Entertainment to release Chan-Wook Park’s (Oldboy) highly anticipated vampire movie, Thirst (aka Evil Live), in the UK.

Thirst tells the story of a failed medical experiment (a blood transfusion according to the director) that turns a dutiful Catholic (Kang-ho Song from The Host) into a Vampire. His physical and psychological changes lead to an affair with the wife of his childhood friend, who is repressed and tired of her mundane life. The one-time priest falls deeper into depravity, as he attempts to fight his new urges.

The horror film is due in Korea during the summer of 2009, and according to reports, it should be in the UK soon after the Korean release.

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