Deception DVD review


Deception DVD cover
Deception DVD cover
Jonathan McQuarry (played by Ewan McGregor) is a timid accountant whose life revolves almost completely around his work, although it doesn’t seem to “stimulate” him. In fact, his life seems completely dry and uninteresting until a chance meeting with a suave, corporate lawyer named Wyatt Bose (Hugh Jackman) introduces him to “The List.”

Suddenly, after a text message on a mysterious cel phone, the once quiet numbers cruncher goes on a decadent journey of sexual conquests and self-discovery amidst New York’s power elite. But after a tryst with a ravishing stranger (Michelle Williams), he’s exposed to a world of betrayal, treachery and murder.

The charismatic Jackman plays the role of a ruthless fiend extremely well, and he injects much needed color into the film’s muted palette. While Deception doesn’t deliver the tension, twists, and tone that a great thriller needs, the beautiful and diverse female cast, including Michelle Williams, Maggie Q, Natasha Henstridge and Lisa Gay Hamilton, brought the film to a watchable level for me.

Stylish direction from Marcel Langenegger, who is currently filming the World War 2 drama Brothers in Arms, also help, however the film never rises from the level of style and titillation. Deception also relies heavily on genre cliches and unoriginal twists and turns. I think if the film had focused more on either erotica, or character development, it may have worked much better than it did.

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