Soap film review


Year: 2006

Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen
Writer: Kim Fupz Aakeson
Producer: Lars Bredo Rahbek
Executive producers: Bo Ehrardt, Birgitte Hald
Director of photography: Erik Molberg Hansen
Production designer: Rasmus Thjellesen
Music: Magnus Jarlbo
Costumes: Signe Sejlund
Editor: Asa Mossberg
Cast: Charlotte: Trine Dyrholm
Veronica: David Dencik
Kristian: Frank Thiel
Veronica’s mother: Elsebeth Steentoff
No MPAA rating
Running time — 104 minutes

Soap begins with a refreshingly independent premise. It explores the relationship between two people who wouldn’t readily be accepted in society (at least U.S. society), but for vastly different reasons. Charlotte, who takes control of her sexuality, but doesn’t allow the men she sleeps with to access any other parts of her life; and Veronica, a transsexual who secretly longs for love, just as much as the sex change operation she has been so patiently waiting for.

Taking its plot cues from the American soap operas that Veronica obsesses over, the two become unlikely friends and more after a shocking moment of violence that brings them closer together.

Soap carries you into the lives and apartments of these two troubled characters, but fails to make you interested enough to want to join them for it’s entire running time. The film certainly has its moments, but average cinematography and writing just won’t cut it when you are attempting to have someone, not only commit to sitting in a room, watching essentially two more rooms, but actually, possibly even want more.

Review by Rene Carson © 2006

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