King Arthur film review

Bruckheimer is back with the costumes, swordplay, sexy Keira Knightley and another talented albeit mildly-experienced director for King Arthur. The formula still works here, but not quite as very as the fun Pirates of the Caribbean.

It works for about an hour or so. King Arthur, a historical version of the British myth, strips away the magic of Camelot for the cold filth and gloom of the Dark Ages. Unlike Pirates, it’s more epic than send-up, but it runs out of horsepower right when it needs its biggest boost.

The film begins strongly, pulsing energy from the camaraderie and charisma of the Knights of the Round Table. Sadly, the final act spins into a predictable spiral of groaner cliches, stock images, and swords. No longer is King Arthur about a man who became a legend; instead, it’s BraveHeart and Lord of the Rings combined.

Overall, I thought it was definitely watchable, and if you enjoy action set pieces, you’ll enjoy this film. An average for me.

Review by Rene Carson

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