Production Company: Bad Robot

Studio: Disney

Cast: Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, Victor Garber as Jack Bristow, Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane, Michael Vartan as Agent Michael Vaughn, Carl Lumbly as Agent Ron Dixon, Kevin Weisman as Marshall, Melissa George as Lauren Reed, Greg Grunberg as Eric Weiss and David Anders as Julian Sark

Crew: JJ Abrams (creator and executive producer); John Eisendrath (executive producer); Ken Olin (executive producer and director)


Plot from Season One: Sydney Bristow is a college graduate who was recruited her freshman year as a spy for what she thought was the CIA. In actuality it was an clandestine organization called SD-6, supposedly, a top-secret branch of the CIA. After a few years – after Sydney confides her lifestyle to her boyfriend, the evil head of SD-6 – Arvin Sloan, has him killed. Sydney learns that SD-6 is part of a rogue international agency called the Alliance of 12, out to rule the world. She becomes a double agent, working with the real CIA to bring down SD-6 with the assistance of her handler, Michael Vaughn, and her estranged father Jack Bristow – also a double agent. Along the way, Sydney fights various rival agents, rival terrorist groups, and traitors all the while keeping her cloak-and-dagger lifestyle a secret from her friends.

Season Four: Sydney Bristow is back, and ready to kick some ass. No more SD-6, and many things on the show have changed. Check back as we will be posting numerous updates as the season progresses.

Other Info


J.J. Abrams, the creator of the series, also created the series Lost, which airs on Wednesday nights on ABC.

Sidney’s mother and Sloan are obsessively looking for Rambaldi’s artifacts. This inventor/prophet lived 500 years in the past and, supposedly, when they would reunite all the pieces, they could build a powerful weapon with them. Rambaldi is the name of the creator of E.T. mechanical activated creature for Steven Spielberg’s movie E.T. and many other Special Effects for SiFi movies. The real Carlo Rambaldi won 1983 Best Effects-Visual Effects Oscar Academy Award, for his work on the E.T. movie creature.

SD in SD-6 stands for Section Disparue – the section that has disappeared.

There are many references to the number 47 in the series. The number is said to have great significance to Rambaldi, however there are occasions in which the number is used that have no direct connection to this plotline (for example, in the pilot episode, Marshall stating he wants to improve a lipstick camera to take 47 photos.).

The two-part episode, The Box where rogue agents take over SD-6, has a plot similar to Die Hard (1988). The van that the rogue agents pull up in has the name McTiernan written on the side. John McTiernan was the director of Die Hard.

The two children who say Bad robot! in the Bad Robot logo are the children of series creator-executive producer JJ Abrams.

Jack Bristow’s real name is Jonathan Donahue Bristow.

Series creator J.J. Abrams wrote and peformed the music for the opening sequence to the show.


Saturday, January 14, 2005
Jennifer Garner hosts Saturday Night Live


Spying. Stealing. Murder. And You Think Your Family Has Issues.

Not just a secret agent. She’s a concealed weapon.

Like mother. Like daughter. Like hell.

I can be anyone I want to be.

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Release Dates: Wednesday, January 5, 2005 is the 2 hour premiere


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