The Magic Behind Sin City

Originally Published: March 19, 2005

Texas Instruments Cinema technology, the digital cinema projection technology deployed in

movie theatres worldwide, assisted the directors and visual effects team of

Miramax and Dimension Film’ Sin City during post-production to achieve

the desired comic-book feel of the movie. Directors Robert Rodriguez and

Frank Miller relied upon DLP Cinema projectors to ensure rich and

consistent color in the movie. Sin City hits theatres on April 1st.

The hyper-realistic black and white, and desaturated colored look of

Sin City was achieved through the use of a DLP Cinema projector at

E Film, which operates the most advanced digital laboratory in the world. The

entire movie was color corrected digitally with a DLP Cinema projector,

where color was digitally manipulated for both film and digital projection.

“With a one-to-one ratio to what is done and what is projected, changes

can be viewed immediately rather than waiting for days from the traditional

photochemical film-based process of color timing,” said Robert Rodriguez,

director, Sin City. “The DLP Cinema projector was key as both a

valuable timesaver and creative tool in the digital workflow.”

Sin City is a visually inventive movie from directors Robert Rodriguez

and Frank Miller, and a great indicator of how DLP Cinema technology

accurately reproduces a dynamic range of black levels and colors,” said Doug

Darrow, Business Manager for DLP Cinema. “Since the entire movie was

color corrected digitally, watching a DLP Cinema presentation of

Sin City will give moviegoers the true visual interpretation of the movie.” DLP Cinema projectors are currently in nearly 100 leading

post-production facilities, test labs and screening rooms worldwide.

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