SOUL CALIBRE To Hit Big Screen

Originally Published: October 11, 2004

WARREN ZIDE’s ANTHEM PICTURES has acquired the rights to create a feature
film based on the video games series SOUL CALIBRE. This is a game I personally
think has been waiting too long to be snapped up by a major producer. The story
arch is perfect for film, and if done right, could be the next BLADE
style action movie-Hong Kong fight choreography and character development.
Expect to see large numbers of effects shots since it’s coming from
a U.S. studio. Anthem Pictures is Zide’s newly formed Sony based production

If the game’s sales are any indication, (and if it’s done
right) the project could have more crossover appeal than other fight game properties
turned feature films like MORTAL KOMBAT and STREET FIGHTER. SOUL CALIBRE 2 has racked up sales of 5 million units. The video game’s plot revolves around two
warriors who are chosen by a clan of Shaolin monks to recover and destroy a
powerful sword that is being held by an evil prince, who plans to use
it to open the gates of hell and destroy the world.

No production start date or release date has been given. No director is attached
yet, but my choice would be THE WACHOWSKI BROTHERS, who have been
busy with their comic book label and another film project, possibly V
, based on a the graphic novel of the same name.

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