Return of the Ninja Coming


Originally Published: March 30, 2005

Sho Kosugi, who starred in a series of ninja films that began with Enter the Ninja in 1981 is returning for an ass-kicking encore. Kosugi will reprise his role in The Return of the Ninja, a film being scripted by Steven de Souza, who wrote 48 Hours, Die Hard and Ricochet among other action hits.

A California-based karate instructor, Sho Kosugi was contacted in 1981 by Golan and Globus Films to appear in Enter the Ninja. Following that film’s success, he appeared in a sequel titled Revenge of the Ninja in 1982. The stage was now set, and Kosugi ended up in a number of ninja films over the next few years, presenting the ninjutsu arts (or at least a certain view of them) to the West.

In the film, Kosugi will play the last ninja master, who travels to the U.S. to find the American heir to his ninjitsu legacy.

According to the producers, this film will correct the misperception that ninjas are all bad guys. The question is, will the film prove that a quality ninja movie can be made in the U.S. The films Kosugi starred in during the 80’s suffered from poor writing and directing, among other things. Although I did like the set-ups and trickery that is ket to the ninja fighting style. We’ll see how this one plays out.

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