Photos from the Two Hustles

Originally Published: December 31, 2004

More great stuff from Kung Fu Hustle and Hustle and Flow. We have some photos from the set of Kung Fu Hustle, and we are also unveiling one from Hustle and Flow.

We already announced that both films will screen at Sundance in January (See: 12/26 Kung Fu and 12/26 Flow, respectively). Other than their names being shared, the two films are both comedies.

Kung Fu Hustle follows Sing (played by Steven Chow), a wannabe gangster who has decided that bad guys are cooler. Hustle and Flow follows wannabe rapper DJay (Terrence Dashon Howard), who is struggling to get his first record made, and decides to ‘hustle’ his way to the top.

Want to get a view of the pics? Go to the library page for each film.

Get to the Kung Fu Hustle library page HERE »

And reach Hustle and Flow HERE »

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