Matrix Online Game Designer Speaks

Originally Published: March 19, 2005

Recently, Sci Fi Wire caught up with Tom Ragaini, the lead designer for the upcoming Matrix Online game. He told the magazine that he had the idea for The Matrix Online as early as summer 2001. He aparently had written the proposal for a game that would become The Matrix Online. The Wachowski Brothers, who created the Matrix films, received the proposal. It turned out that they had come up with a similar idea on their own and a partnership was born.

Ragaini went on to discuss how different the MMORPG was from a typical video game: the massively multiplayer online role-playing game allows players to gain a sense of ownership in the Matrix universe.

The Matrix Online allows players to put themselves into the next phase of the Matrix story through martial arts, high-tech detective work and hacking into the reality of the Matrix. Episodic updates keep the story moving and allow players to participate as either hero, villain or profiteer. As with the movies, choice will be an overriding factor in how The Matrix Online plays out.

The Matrix Online debuts March 22 from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment, Sega and Monolith Productions.

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