Gaming Updates From E3


Originally Published: June 2, 2005

The E3 show in Los Angeles is the major showcase for new games, and sets the trend for games that will be hitting our screens for the coming year. Titles unveiled this week include:

Virtual worlds are no longer enough; now you can take an amoeba, evolve it over millions of years into a race of sentient beings, and then – hopefully – take them into outer space.

Players try to survive life in a dingy boarding school in this playground simulation from the makers of Grand Theft Auto

Killzone 2
The lifelike graphics wowed the crowds, and Sony is hoping this shooting game will be a must-have for its PlayStation 3

Trauma Center – Under the Knife
This quirky title lets you play doctor and perform virtual surgery on a number of patients through poking and slicing a touchscreen.

Microsoft and Sony also unveiled their next-gen consoles to the world. Take a look at these beauties. It means games developers are now able to produce high-definition, photo-realistic graphics comparable to anything seen on the big screen.

Sony Playstation 3

Microsoft X Box 360

Some developers have even decided to resurrect movie classics for the gaming generation. A title based on Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy will appear this fall, while Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry series is also making the transition. Some top-selling games, such as Tomb Raider, Street Fighter and Mario Bros, have been transferred in the opposite direction, though nearly all have been considered flops. But look for that to change, as film studios start to to take gaming much more seriously, as a source of franchises and profits.

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