Bigfoot Behind Indie Film 3 Needles


Originally Published: August 31, 2005

Bigfoot Entertainment announces the world premiere of its debut feature film, “3 Needles,” as a Special Presentation at the Toronto Film Festival. The film, which is already garnering interest from top distributors, stars Chloe Sevigny (“Broken Flowers,” “Boys Don’t Cry”), Lucy Liu (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Payback,” “Ally McBeal”), Olympia Dukakis (“The Event,” “The Pentagon Wars”), Sandra Oh (“Sideways,” “Gray’s Anatomy”), Shawn Ashmore (“X2: X-Men United,” “The Underclassman”), and Stockard Channing (“The West Wing,” “Le Divorce”). Directed by acclaimed independent filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald, “3 Needles” is the latest production to be funded by Bigfoot Partners, the investment wing of Bigfoot Entertainment, and covers multiple storylines about the ways people deal with the AIDS epidemic, the relationship between parent and child and the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other.

According to Fitzgerald, “The film is about transformation. Each character sacrifices one seemingly insignificant belief about themselves, only to feel their entire identity unravel. It also exemplifies the challenges of simple people trying to seek education from an indifferent regime.”

A porn actor Denys (Shawn Ashmore) hides his illness so he will not lose his job while his mother (Stockard Channing) makes her own death pact with the disease in order to care for him. A nun in South Africa (Chloe Sevigny) negotiates a dark deal to save the lives of disease-stricken children in her mission. And in a Chinese village, Jin Ping (Lucy Liu) buys blood from farmers who use the money to improve their lives, unaware that she is spreading death.

Tom Harting served as Director of Photography, and was produced by Bryan Hofbauer. Michael Gleissner is Executive Producer.

This project is part of Bigfoot Entertainment’s commitment to help fund independent film projects along with their collaboration with Filmmakers Alliance.

“Bigfoot is dedicated to the community of filmmakers who possess the vision and passion to create critically acclaimed independent films,” explains CEO Kacy Andrews.

Following the Toronto world premiere, 3 Needles was also chosen to open the 25th Atlantic Film Festival. Bigfoot’s upcoming film, The Curiosity of Chance, a teen comedy written and directed by Russell P. Marleau, has begun principal photography this month in Belgium. For more information on Bigfoot Entertainment, visit

For more information on 3 Needles, including photos, cast and crew, visit the Film Library RIGHT HERE »

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