Ray Park playing Chuck Norris in The Legend of Bruce Lee TV series PLUS the trailer

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Chinese-produced TV series based on the life and times of Bruce Lee, following his life from Hong Kong to America and back. A lot of Hollywood action film stars show, including Mark Dacascos, Gary Daniels, Michael Jai White, Tim Storms, and Ray Park (as yes, Chuck Norris).

Li Wen Qi

Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee’s daughter), Yu Sheng Li, China Film and Television Production Company

Kwok-Kwan Chan (from Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters and Kung Fu Hustle) plays Bruce Lee, Michelle Lang (Epic Movie) as Bruce’s wife Linda Lee, Ted E. Duran, Ray Park as Chuck Norris, Michael Jai White (who played Spawn), Mark Dacascos, Gary Daniels, Ernest Miller, Traci Ann Wolfe, Natalia Dzyublo, Tim Storms, Yannick Van Dam, Kszysztof Kristofer Wodejszo

Release Date
The series began airing in China in April 2008.

Filming locations include China, Los Angeles, USA, Moscow, Russia, Rome, Italy, and Thailand.

CLICK HERE for the complete trailer from the TV series.

CLICK HERE for a great interview with the man himself, the real Bruce Lee. He is talking about his philosophy of martial arts, and shows clips from his training and films.

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