Alive Trailer and new release date

The new release date for D.O.A. Dead or Alive is June 22, 2007. There is also a new trailer online for the film. Dimension Films is releasingD.O.A., whish is based on Tecmo’s best-selling Dead or Alive videogame franchise and has an ensemble cast starring Devon Aoki (Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious), Sarah Carter (Final Destination 2), Natassia Malthe (Elektra), Matthew Marsden (Black Hawk Down), Jaime Pressly (Torque), Eric Roberts (National Security) and hot newcomer and Aussie pop star Holly Valance (National Lampoon’s Pledge This!). Hong Kong action wunderkind Corey Yuen, who directed some of Jet Li’s best Hong Kong action pieces, including The New Legend of Shaolin, My Father Is a Hero and The Bodyguard from Beijing.

Check out the ladies in action RIGHT HERE

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