Universal and Planetwide Media Launch Smokin’ Aces Digital Comic Book

Universal Pictures launched the Smokin’ Aces Digital Comic Book yesterday. The comic includes six stories written by Smokin’ Aces’ writer/director Joe Carnahan, with illustrations by IDW Publishing. The 30-page Digital Flip Book was created by Planetwide’s Comic Book Creator and has the realistic feel of a comic in digital format. Its pages peel over to illustrate storylines featuring characters from the …

Exclusive Clip From Primeval

In Primeval, a group of journalists covering a story in Africa deal with their responsibility to the truth and their own safety. The film stars Dominic Purcell from TV’s Prison Break, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, and Jürgen Prochnow. Primeval hit theaters today. Check out this exclusive clip from the film RIGHT HERE

Exclusive Clip From The Hitcher

The original Hitcher film was definitely a favorite horror of mine. When I first heard about the remake, I thought ‘Why’? Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a great cult hit, being played for years at midnight shows around the country, but lacked any real storyline or depth, so a remake was inevitable, and as it turned out, worthy. The Hitcher was …