The Urban Fashion and Music Expo Coming to L.A. Convention Center

The Urban Fashion & Music Expo: Where Fashion Meets Music. The expo was born out of the need to build a worldwide and independent outlet to recognize the achievement of Urban Fashion Designers and Artists around the world. The event will be taking place in Spring 2007 at the LA Convention Center.

The 2-day event, taking place June 9-10, 2007, is being brought to the community to showcase clothing brands, designers, music artists and labels that are not on the mainstream, yet hold a reputation and a high consumer base. The goal of the show is to bring consumers up to date with face-to-face street wear fashions, music and the model entrepreneurs of the Urban Fashion and Music Industry. The Expo incorporates design, art, music, elements of dance, oral commentary, lighting and visuals to present new fashion and music concepts. Urban wear has grown far beyond baggy jeans and hoodies; we’ll be showcasing its diversity, complexity and evolution. 

We will also be providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent, to be seen and heard. Designers/Artists wishing to be showcased, please send us a link to your site at or snail mail information/CD’s for review to:

8721 Santa Monica Blvd, #647
West Hollywood, Ca 90069

Other talent (Models, Dj’s, Stylists, Hair, Make-Up, Live Art etc) interested in participating are also welcome to submit details.

Get more indormation at the following web addresses:

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