Six Sex Scenes and a Murder Trailer

This looks like a very noirish tale. I think it’s a very early trailer, because it looks close to video quality. They may still be shooting and not have started film finishing yet (2K or 4K export). But it looks like what the title implies… Sexy! Six Sex Scenes and a Murder is a true indie film. The website even has a link where individuals can donate money to the cost of the production.

Here’s the synopsis:
An erotic tale of passion, desire and whodunit, Six Sex Scenes and a Murder follows the last 24 hours of professional gangster Nick Hamilton (Richard Anthony Crenna, Jr.) from the scene of his murder, a popular burlesque club called The Uptown Bar. The film unfolds through a series of flashbacks as a local detective questions the Uptown’s patrons and dancers. The love of Hamilton’s life, a former Uptown burlesque dancer Regan Price (Kristin Minter), steps in to try and help before it’s too late.

Take a look at the trailer for Six Sex Scenes and a Murder RIGHT HERE

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