First Knight Rider Movie Poster

I hope this is real. I usually post these in the Poster Gallery, but I had see if anyone out there has additional info on this poster. The source is Hollywood North Report.

As for the upcoming film, it’s based on the 1982 series of the same name, about a lone crime fighter battling evil with the help of his indestructible and A.I.-enhanced vehicle. Knight Rider follows a cop who’s been left to die and is nursed back to health by a mysterious millionaire. The “candy daddy” also gives the cop a new face, and a new name, Michael Knight; along crime-fighting gadgetry, including K.I.T.T. (which stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand).

Series creator Glen A. Larson is writing the script for the Weinstein Company, whose logo is prominently featured on this poster.

Filming on the Knight Rider film is taking place in British Columbia, Canada.

Knight Rider is scheduled for release sometime in 2008.

Few other bits of interesting film news out of Canada. Both Fantastic Four 2 and Alien Vs. Predator 2 are currently filming there.

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