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Beyonce Knowles in Dreamgirls
Beyonce Knowles in Dreamgirls
I watched the Broadway play Dreamgirls when I was 11 years old. My family made it tradition to watch Broadway shows every year, at least 3 times a year, as a family unit. Up until that time, I honestly wasn’t very impressed with Broadway in general. It just wasn’t my thing. I would have rather been home drawing as a kid. Well after watching Dreamgirls, things were never the same for me. This inspiring and tragic story of fame and finding one’s way in a cruel world, was one of the most realistic and enjoyable Broadway shows I have ever had the opportunity to watch. Thank you mom! It still shines in my mind’s eye, as a true work of artistic and creative achievement… and yes, I still have the original program my mother bought for me before the show, with the painting of three gorgeous legs. She knew I would remember that show, and I do.

Fast-forward 24 years, and DreamWorks will release a big-screen version of Dreamgirls. I am excited, and at the same time nervous. I don’t want my show ruined. But it all looks good on paper… A great cast, director Bill Condon, who helmed the critically acclaimed Gods and Monsters and a larger than life template to draw from. We’ll all find out when the curtain rises again on those great legs and even greater voices for the Dreamgirls movie.

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