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Justice League: The New Frontier Soundtrack from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie

Currently Unavailable
CDSKU: 171106-68220-1
UPC: 826924106624
Part No: LLLCD1066
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: The Museum of Fantastic Art
Formats: CD
Genres: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comic Based | Family | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Studio: La-La Land Records
Item Release Date: March 18, 2008
Rating: PG-13
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Presenting the original music score to the world premiere Warner Bros. DVD motion picture animated feature Justice League: The New Frontier, in stores February 26, 2008. This highly anticipated action/adventure chronicles the early days of the famed Justice League, whose members include the legendary super heroes of our times – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and more and features the vocal talents of Lucy Lawless, Kyle MacLachlan, David Boreanaz and Brooke Shields! Acclaimed composer Kevin Manthei, (Invader Zim), captures all the high-octane dramatic action with a rousing orchestral score.


  • Main Titles (2:01)
    The Centre / Hal Shot Down (2:50)
    J'onn J'onzz Arrives (0:51)
    Wonder Woman Recounts / J'onzz Watches TV (2:11)
    The Flash Saves Las Vegas (3:32)
    J'onn Becomes John / Church Brawl (3:12)
    Carol & Hal Banter (0:22)
    Driving to Ferris / The Real Ferris (1:34)
    Hal's Mission Revealed / Batman Surprises J'onzz / The Flash Fights Gorilla (2:52)
    Crazy Scientist (1:37)
    J'onzz Contemplates / J'onzz is Leaving (1:18)
    To Space (1:27)
    Mars Mission Mess (4:13)
    New Green Lantern (3:56)
    Superman Ties It Up / J'onzz Bonds (2:41)
    Island Revealed / Superman Down (5:22)
    Plan to Action (2:35)
    Thick of Battle (4:32)
    The Flash vs Centre / Last Bit of Business (3:37)
    Victory (3:09)
    End Credits (3:01)   by: Kevin Manthei


  • Number of Discs: 1

Cast: Brooke Shields | David Boreanaz | John Heard | Kyle MacLachlan | Kyra Sedgwick | Lex Lang | Lucy Lawless | Miguel Ferrer | Neil Patrick Harris | Phil Morris
Directors: Dave Bullock
Composers: Kevin Manthei
Project Name: Justice League New Frontier

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