Roswell Delirium (2023)

World Premieres | Nov 10, 2023

LightForce Pictures

Roswell Delirium begins during the 1980s, when the US is hit by a wave of nuclear attacks. After the fallout, survivors pretend everything is normal, even though everyone is experiencing radiation poisoning. A young girl named Mayday Malone (Kylee Levien) attempts to make contact on a series of ham radios with her father, who’s in space on a shuttle mission. Instead of making contact she receives an intergalactic distress call from space that leads her on a journey to Spacerock, the land where Area 51 once was. She is exposed to severe levels of radiation and within days all of her organs start to fail. Knowing that medical treatment won’t help her mother Wendy brings her back to Spacerock to give her to the aliens in hopes that they may be able to save her.

Written and directed by Richard Bakewell, Roswell Delirium also stars Ashton Solecki, Arielle Bodenhausen, Anthony Michael Hall, Dee Wallace, Lisa Whelchel, Reginald VelJohnson, Sam J. Jones, Kayden Brenna Tokarski, Georgia MacPhail, Romyn Smith, Caitlin O’Connor, Ryan Kennedy, Luke Jones, Connor William Barrett and Torrey B. Lawrence.