Stuart Gordon and 1980's Erotic Thrillers Tribute Suitable Flesh has World Premiere during Tribeca Film Festival (2023) | U.S. Festival Premieres, World Premieres | Jun 11, 2023

In the thriller Suitable Flesh, a successful psychiatrist named Elizabeth Derby (Heather Graham) becomes obsessed with one of her young clients with multiple personalities. Now the doctor, who previously had a loving husband and the world at her fingertips, finds herself locked up inside a psych ward after the murder of the young male patient ….

Tribeca Games Hideo Kojima - Connecting Worlds World Premiere and Live Kojima Q&A (2023) | Panel Discussions, U.S. Festival Premieres, U.S. Festival Screenings, World Premieres | Jun 17, 2023

Tribeca Games, the gaming segment of the Tribeca Film Festival, is hosting the World Premiere screening of Connecting Worlds, a documentary journey into the creative mind of the most iconic video game designer in the world – Hideo Kojima. Featuring appearances from visionary artists Guillermo del Toro, Nicholas Winding Refn, Grimes, George Miller, Norman Reedus, ….