Robert Temple profiled in current issue of Martial Arts Masters Magazine

martial-arts-masters-magazine-cover-imagesGrandmaster Robert Temple was recently interviewed for Martial Arts Masters Magazine. The issue is currently available as the Magazine’s 2013 Summer edition. At their website, located at, you can purchase a PDF of the magazine or a 2 Disk Digital Collectors Edition which includes the digital magazine PDF and DVD magazine segments.

Other features in this issue of Martial Arts Masters Magazine include:

  • Sadaaki Sakagami – In The Name Of Itosu
  • Alex Miladi –Straight To The Point
  • Larga Mano: The Warrior Style
  • Buck Sam Kong – Hung Gar Kung Fu
  • Tony Massengill = Carrying The Heritage
  • Maria Jose Salmeron – Shito Kai Canada
  • Paulo Gillobell – One Of The Elite
  • Christopher J. Goedecke – The Isshin Kempo Way
  • Karate Round Table – The Perpetuation Of Knowledge
  • Face-Off With … Rorion Gracie
  • Robert Temple – Master Of Community
  • Yoshiharu Osaka

As well as columns by:

  • Kazoku by Jerry Figgiani
  • Karate Insight by Rick L. Brewer
  • Health Corner by Kam Yuen
  • To the Point by Steve Tarani


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