China’s Graffiti Hall of Fame

I found this very interesting documentary short film on about the burgeoning graff scene in Beijing, China. Not only does this represent how urban interests and aspirations translate, but it also shows how popular graffiti itself still is around the world. In Beijing, Jing Mi Lu – off of Jingmi Highway and around the corner from the 798 Arts District – is considered their ‘Graffiti Hall of Fame’, where writers from all over China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, England and America, paint their best work. Chinese writers Bisquit and Ant C are interviewed in the piece, giving explanations of their personal motivations, as well as the meanings of some of their graffiti work at Jing Mi Lu. While the meanings and themes may be specific to their country, the need for self-expression and the release of pent-up creative energy remains the same.

Check out the video on China’s Graffiti Hall of Fame at Jing Mi Lu, below.

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