Win a copy of horror The Wicked on DVD

Next week, on April 30th, Image Entertainment will release horror thriller The Wicked on DVD. The Wicked centers on a group of curious teenagers that decide to seek out their town’s local legend by tracking down a child-eating witch, not realizing they could be her next meal!

To celebrate the release of The Wicked on home video, Film Fetish is giving away 3 copies of the DVD release to readers.

  • In order for a chance to win a free copy of The Wicked DVD, submit a Film or TV-related Poll for possible inclusion on If your poll is published to the website, you earn an entry into the contest.
  • Polls must contain a question plus 3 to 10 optional choices.
  • Submit your best poll questions to: with the subject “The Wicked Contest Entry.”
  • You must also include your full mailing address in case you win. If you have a website or blog you would like us to link back to from the Poll, include that link in your email entry.
  • You may submit up to 3 poll entries per contest.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Polls that get the most votes greatly increase your chances of winning, so make sure you share the link to your poll if it’s published (You’ll be notified by email if it is) and encourage your friends to vote.

We’ll be running The Wicked contest through Friday, May 17th, 2013, so hurry up and submit your Polls!

More about The Wicked

A group of curious teenagers decide to seek out their town’s local legend and go on the hunt for a child-eating witch, not realizing they could be her next meal! Directed by Peter Winther, the film stars Devon Werkheiser (Beneath the Darkness), Justin Deeley (90210), Nicole Forester (The Double), and Cassie Keller (A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas). The DVD release is set for April 30th. THE WICKED will also be available via digital download.

Local stories warn that deep in the woods, a witch with a ravenous hunger feeds on the flesh of the young. In an abandoned house in the woods, she hunts her victims…and if you try to enter, you’ll never see daylight again. When another child goes missing, a group of local teenagers decide to find out if the urban legend is true. What starts out as a meaningless dare turns into a blood-spattered fight for survival against a mistress of darkness in this unrelenting nightmare from which you may never wake up!

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