Shout Factory bringing cult classic Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee films to home video

The cult cinema specialists at Shout! Factory’s have multiple upcoming home entertainment offerings that will sure appeal to die hard action movie buffs, collectors and fans of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. First, on April 16th, Jackie Chan’s crime classics Police Story and Police Story II are coming together for a Collector’s Edition Double Feature Blu-ray and DVD. Then on April 30th, martial arts legend Bruce Lee returns for new double feature DVD releases of The Big Boss & Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon & The Game of Death.

Check out details on all three of these massive collection releases, below.


International superstar and cultural icon Jackie Chan is a master of action and comedy. Chan’s illustrious film career ranks as one of the most amazing success stories in the entertainment industry. His movies continue to have an enduring impact throughout the world. On April 16, 2013, Shout! Factory will unleash POLICE STORY and POLICE STORY II Double Feature deluxe Blu-ray™ and DVD. Boasting world renowned international film stars and pulse-pounding action sequences, these two highly regarded world cinema classics debut in a double feature movie presentation on Blu-ray™ in North America. A must-have for loyal fans, collectors and movie enthusiasts, own two of popular Jackie Chan cult hits on Blu-ray or DVD.

Police Story

Considered, and rightly so, a Hong Kong action cinema classic, Police Story marks Jackie Chan’s initial foray into the stunt-filled action movie that became his trademark. Chan plays an honest cop Chan Ka-Kui assigned to protect a witness whose key testimony could bring down the drug baron, Chu. However, when the witness gets away from Chan, there’s no evidence to put Chu away, and he is set free. Chu goes on a vendetta to frame Chan for a murder. Chan goes on the run. He must quickly find the witness to protect her and prove his own innocence.

Raymond Chow presents Police Story
Starring Jackie Chan, Brigette Lin, Maggie Cheung
Co-Starring Cho Yuen, Bill Tung, Kenneth Tong, Lam Kok Hung, Lau Chi Wing, Charles Chao
Music by Michael Lai
Editor Peter Cheung
Director of Photography Cheung Yiu Joe
Screenplay by Jackie Chan, Edward Tang
Production Coordinator Willie Chan
Action Director Jackie Chan’s Stuntmen Association
Executive Producer Raymond Chow
Produced by Leonard Ho
Directed by Jackie Chan
Running Time: 100 minutes

Police Story II

Picking up where the first film ended, Police Story II returns Jackie Chan to the role of detective Chan Ka-Kui. Due to his unorthodox police work on the last case, Chan has been demoted to traffic duty…and the vengeful mobsters still have their sights on taking him down. But when terrorists threaten Hong Kong, Chan must track down the suspects. And when his girlfriend May is kidnapped by the terrorists, Chan must confront them, save his girlfriend and save the day as only Jackie Chan can.

Raymond Chow presents Police Story II
Starring Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung, Lam Kok Hung
Co-Starring Cho Yuen, Crystal Kwok, Leung Wan, Ben Lam, Tai Chi Wai
Music by Michael Lai
Editor Peter Cheung, Keung Chuen Tak, Shek Chi Kong
Director of Photography Cheung Yiu Joe, Lee Yau Tong
Screenplay by Jackie Chan, Edward Tang
Action Director Jackie Chan’s Stuntmen Association
Producer Leonard Ho
Production Supervisor Willie Chan
Directed by Jackie Chan
Running Time: 122 minutes

Police Story and Police Story II Double Feature Bonus Material:

  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical Trailers


Four jaw-dropping Bruce Lee martial arts classics in two double feature home entertainment collections, including The Big Boss & Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon & The Game of Death.

The on-going celebration in honor of Bruce Lee’s illustrious career continues in home entertainment as Shout! Factory invites loyal fans, collectors and movie buffs to dive into four spectacular Bruce Lee martial arts epics. On April 30, 2013, Shout! Factory presents TWO special Bruce Lee home entertainment collections when THE BIG BOSS/ FIST OF FURY Double Feature DVD and WAY OF THE DRAGON/ GAME OF DEATH Double Feature DVD hit store shelves everywhere! Featuring anamorphic widescreen presentation of the original movies from new HD-transfer, these iconic Bruce Lee movie classics deliver action-packed, adrenaline-filled escapade that will sure appeal to die hard action buffs.


The Big Boss (1971)

In his first smash hit movie, Bruce Lee stars as Cheng, a young man who moves to Bangkok to take a job in an ice factory with his cousins. One day, when a block of ice is cracked open, two workers find out that something is being smuggled inside the blocks of ice. The two workers disappear without a trace and Cheng starts to investigate their disappearance. He soon finds out that the factory is smuggling heroin…and comes face to face with the Big Boss for a climactic showdown!

Executive Producer Raymond Chow
Production Manager Lau Leung, Wah Lui Chan
Starring Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien
Co-starring Han Ying Chieh, Nora Miao, Lam Ching, Ying Kam Shan
Screenplay Lo Wei
Editor Sung Ming
Cinematographer Chen Ching Cheh
Music Wang Fu Ling
Action Instuctor Han Ying Chieh
Director Lo Wei
Running Time: 100 minutes

Fist of Fury (1972)

Bruce Lee is powerful, humorous and charismatic as Chen, who arrives in Shanghai to attend the funeral of his teacher. He vows to uncover what happened to his mentor and all signs point to the local Japanese Martial Arts School, who have been taunting and insulting the students of the Ching Wu School. The local police won’t do anything about the death, so Chen decides to restore honor to his school and his teacher by bringing some furious vengeance down upon the Japanese school!

Producer Raymond Chow
Assistant Producer Liu Liang Hua
Starring Bruce Lee, Nora Miao
Co-starring Kam Shan, Anthony Liu, Fung Ngai, Lee Kwan, Lo Wei
Guest Starring Mari Yi, James Tien
Screenplay Lo Wei
Editor Cheung Yiu Chung
Cinematographer Cheung Yiu Chung
Music Joseph Koo
Fighting Instructor Han Ying Chieh
Director Lo Wei
Running Time: 106 minutes

The Way of the Dragon

Tang Lung (Lee) flies to Rome to help his friend, Chen Ching-hua (Nora Miao). She is being forced by local gangsters to sell her restaurant, and they will stop at nothing to get the property. When Tang proves to be a threat to the syndicate’s plans, they hire the best martial artists, including Colt (Chuck Norris). The two men battle in the ancient city’s majestic Colosseum in what is “regarded by many as the finest martial arts combat ever committed to celluloid” (BBC)! Written and directed by Bruce Lee, this film became “the inspiration for a legion of martial arts and action movies that followed” (BBC)!

Executive Producer Raymond Chow
Production Manager Kwan Chi, Chung Cheung, Yam Pang
Starring Bruce Lee, Nora Miao
Co-starring Unicorn Chan, Anthony Liu, Wong Chun, Sun Wei, Ping Ao, Chuck Norris, Malisa Longo, Robert Wall, Wong In Sik
Screenplay by Bruce Lee
Editor Cheung Yiu Chung
Cinematographer Ho Lan Shan
Music Joseph Koo
Action Instructor Bruce Lee, Unicorn Chan
Director Bruce Lee
Running Time: 99 minutes

Game of Death

Billy Lo is a young kung fu star with a promising career. As the leader of a syndicate known for its exploitation of entertainers, Dr. Land (Dean Jagger) jumps at the chance to capitalize on Billy’s status and that of his singer girlfriend. Refusing to sign with Land, Billy’s martial arts mastery is put to the test when he is brutally harassed by Land’s men. In a stunning showdown, Billy must “go one on one with each of the villains in some of the most explosive fight scenes ever filmed” (Leonard Maltin). Tragically, Bruce Lee passed away during the production of this film.

Produced by Raymond Chow
Associate Producer Andre Morgan
Starring Bruce Lee
Co-starring Gig Young, Dean Jagger, Colleen Camp, Hugh O’Brian, Mel Novak, Roy Chiao, Bob Wall, Danny Inosanto, Chuck Norris
Special Guest Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Written by Jan Spears
Film Editor Alan Pattillo
Director of Photography Godfrey A. Godar
Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry
Martial Arts Director Sammo Hung
Director Robert Clouse
Running Time: 100 minutes