Win a copy of American Pickers Volume 4 on DVD


Follow “the Jack Kerouac of Junk” in the newest installment of American Pickers, which History has just released on DVD. To celebrate the release of the 2-disc DVD set, FilmFetish is giving away 2 copies of the top-rated History Channel show, to readers.

In order to be entered into the American Pickers Volume 4 random drawing:

I’ll be running the American Pickers Volume 4 contest through Monday, August 27, 2012.

More about American Pickers Volume 4

In small towns, and along America’s back roads, treasures are waiting to be uncovered — valuable relics from our history that are hidden in junk piles, buried in barns and stacked in garages. It takes experts to find them — and turn rust to riches. American Pickers follows two of the most skilled “pickers” — Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology and the “Jack Kerouac of Junk”, and his business partner, Frank Fritz— as they hunt down objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value. Along the way, they meet people whose own stories open a window into American lives and history.

American Pickers Volume 4 proves there’s no place Mike and Frank won’t go in search of hidden treasure as they pick through the hills of Malibu, California, go to a backcountry Alabama auction, and go on assignment for William Shatner across eight all-new episodes such as “Fairlane Fever”, “The Emu Chase”, “They Boldy Go” and “Possum Trot”.

Run Time: 5 hours and 36 minutes
Format: 2 DVD Discs
DVD Release Date: August 14, 2012

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