Rare shot of Ron Van Clief and Jim Kelly together

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief “The Black Dragon,” just emailed me this picture of himself and grandmaster Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon), from the All-Star Event sponsored by All-Pro Tae Kwon Do, in San Jose, California, which took place yesterday, April 28th. Others at the event included: actor Martin Kove; actor James Hong; actor & master martial artist Bolo Yeung; actor John Saxon; Professor Gary Dill; actor & master martial artist Cynthia Rothrock; actor & grandmaster martial artist Bob Wall; actor & grandmaster Jim Kelly; actor & grandmaster Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa; master martial artist; actor & movie producer Tony De Leon; grandmaster Gary Dill; grandmaster Mark Gerry; grandmaster Allen Joe; grandmaster Eric Lee; grandmaster Frank Sanchez; grandmaster Robin Taberna; grandmaster Donnie Williams; master Chuck Best; master John Chung; master Andrew Fanelli; master Jill Hernandez; Alfredo Torella; actor Art Camacho; actor Leo Fong; actor Martin Kove; actor Harry Mok; actor Pavel Nyziak; actor Sonny Sison; along with other special guests.

Dr. Van Clief just posted another image of them, along with the beautiful master Cynthia Rothrock HERE.