50 Cent’s Gun Blu-ray review


Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson and Val Kilmer in Gun
Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson and Val Kilmer in Gun

There’s no question that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Get Rich or Die Tryin’) isn’t the average rapper-turned-actor. He proves time and again that he’s got the chops as a richly textured thespian. However with Gun – 50’s second attempt at writing projects for himself (the first being Before I Self Destruct) – he’s also proven that his film talents are best left on screen. Along for the ride are Val Kilmer, James Remar and John Larroquette, in a crime thriller heavy on brutal action, but light on originality or story.

Gun sets its cross hairs on the rising crime rates and gun violence of a modern city in a slump, as the Detroit Police launches a full-scale war against the gun runners that terrify the populace. With the cooperation of the FBI they target a criminal named Rich (Jackson) and his vast arms operation. When a gun exchange goes bad and Rich’s old friend Angel (played by a limping Val Kilmer), steps up and saves his life, they form a bond that makes his supplier and lover, Gabriella (Anna Lynne McCord) paranoid and on edge. Paranoia turns to suspicion when it becomes obvious there is a snitch in the group, and when Gabriella’s biggest deal goes bad, an even bigger secret is revealed.

With music by 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, Gun tries to make up for the lack of character development, with thumping beats and bass. The music in the film is enjoyable, and distributors Image Entertainment bring the straight-to-Blu-ray a solid 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer.

Gun reaches for a target audience and reaches it, but simply never tries to go much further.

Bonus Content

The only bonus feature on the Gun Blu-ray release is a standard definition trailer.

Check out some clips from Gun below and make up your own mind.

Gun Film Clip – “Welcome to the Team”

Gun Film Clip – “The Salesman”

Gun Film Clip – “Informant”

Gun Film Clip – “Who You Do It For”

Gun Film Clip – “Trade Gone Wrong”

Gun Blu-ray package art
Gun Blu-ray package art
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