Microsoft announces games line-up for Xbox 360 Kinect launch


Today Microsoft announced 17 games that will be available on launch day with Kinect for Xbox 360, their highly anticipated controller-free gaming system. Kinect launches on November 4th, and is Microsoft’s answer to the Nintendo Wii’s motion controllers, which helped turn that console into one of this generation’s most popular gaming devices.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been playing catch-up with the PlayStation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect. Seventeen Kinect-ready games will be launched when the device makes its debut next month.

Here’s the full list:

  • Kinect Adventures: This is the game that is included with every Kinect device. It helps introduce gamers to the Kinect interface, letting them transverse the rapids, float around in space and challenge their friends to races, among other minigames.
  • Kinectimals: Think Nintendogs, but with no controller.
  • Game Party: In Motion: This includes a collection of party minigames like Darts.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 The Videogame: You can now control Harry’s magic with your hands.
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved: A fitness game from Ubisoft that is similar to Wii Fit.
  • Dance Central: This game, made by the creators of Rock Band, tracks your dance moves. We’ve heard good things about this one.
  • The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout: A game from THQ based on the TV show.
  • DanceMasters: Konami’s version of getting your groove down.
  • EA Sports Active 2: A fitness game with body tracking, heart rate data and the ability to share workout data. EA has gone all-out with this game, which sort of explains its $100 price tag.
  • Zumba Fitness: See a pattern yet? This is a dance fitness game.
  • Kinect Sports: Microsoft’s version of Wii Sports.
  • MotionSports: This game from Ubisoft includes live in-game commentary and 40+ sports challenges.
  • DECA Sports Freedom: While this game only has 10 sporting events, there is a focus on making it feel as real as possible. Figure skating should be interesting.
  • Kinect Joy Ride: Controller-free kart racing.
  • Adrenalin Misfits: This racing/battle game focuses on fantasy worlds.
  • Fighters Uncaged: Fulfill your Fight Club fantasy without the bloody concussions and stitches.
  • Sonic Free Riders: Yup, Sega is bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to Kinect.

Source: CNNTech

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