Indie filmmaker looks to expand sci-fi noir Reign Of Death into feature

Scene from Reign of Death
Scene from Reign of Death

After extending his range with heist caper, multi-hyphenate filmmaker Noel Clarke is circling a science-fiction noir as his next project, according to a report on EmpireOnline.

Reign Of Death is a sci-fi noir short film starring Clarke, and written & directed by Matthew Savage, and the team now hope to turn it into a full-length film.

“The feature takes place within the same universe as the short, but it’s darker and more sinister in tone,” says Savage. “It follows an investigative storyline, with Noel’s gumshoe character taking the lead. The short was an experiment in creating a visually interesting environment within which to tell our story.”

Savage previously created concept art for The Dark Knight and Kick-Ass, and met Clarke on the set of Doctor Who.

Clarke optioned Reign Of Death for his company, intent on getting a feature made says, and says that the short has been compared to sci-fi web sensations The Raven, The Gift and Panic Attack, because the effects are done so well on a budget.

Empire describes the script as combining “crunching action with diamond-sharp wit” and Clarke himself bills the story as “Se7en meets Blade Runner.”

Check out the entire short film below.

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