Super Size Me creator to shoot feature film during next San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching, and a documentary on THE pop culture fandom fest is also landing at the S.D. Convention Center this summer. HeatVisionBlog reports that filmmaker Morgan Spurlock – creator of the cult food doc. Super Size Me, along with Joss Whedon, Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles, producers Thomas Tull & Jeremy Chilnick, and the legendary comics guru Stan Lee are teaming up to create a documentary about the annual fanboy event. The feature documentary, to be titled Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, follow seven people from across America, and around the globe, “as they descend upon the veritable Mecca of fandom and experience the rapture that is Comic-Con.”

Comic-Con Episode Four will begin lensing in June, tracking its subjects to this year’s Comic-Con, which runs from July 21st through the 25th in San Diego.

Spurlock will direct the project, while Tull – chairman of Legendary Pictures – produces with Spurlock’s producing partner Jeremy Chilnick. Legendary Pictures was involved with producing such comic-based movies as Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, along with fantasy epics including the recent Clash of the Titans remake.

Spurlock partnered with Dark Horse Comics last year to make an original graphic novel that ties into Super Size Me, said in a statement that he grew up with comics and felt at home when he first attended Comic-Con, which has more than doubled its size in terms of audience attendance in recent years, with passes and hotel rooms selling out months in advance.

According to the report, Comic-Con Episode Four is one of a number of film projects centered on Comic-Con. Paul, a comedy starring Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen, follows two geeks on their way to Comic-Con when they meet an alien. Also in development is Comic Con, a heist film set during the convention, written by Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan.