Fox wants to turn you into a Na’vi to celebrate Avatar DVD release


To commemorate the launch of Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD, Fox Home Entertainment technology company Inwindow Outdoor, will unveil an interactive digital exhibition. The exhibition uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to morph shoppers’ faces in real time into the natives of Pandora, the Na’vi.

The Avatar face-morphing exhibition is a large, freestanding structure that will encircle the main statute at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The Avatar display is a 60’ x 10’ structure at The Grove and features three ‘morphing stations’ surrounded by vinyl and branded in Avatar themes. As mall shoppers approach the screens, facial recognition technology will hone in on their faces and transform them into Na’vi, the blue skinned species from the future made famous in the movie. Once the morph is complete, users can enter their email address via touch-screen so they can be sent the video of their transformation along with information on where to purchase the DVD.

The exhibit opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, April 16th, beginning at 3PM. My guess is they’ll be more than a few Na’vi wannabes there, so get there early, if you want to get your blue on.

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