Hulu gets its first exclusive online feature film premiere

In The Darkness is the first feature length narrative film to premiere exclusively on and is available to watch for free on the site, starting today.

In The Darkness centers on the disappearance of two young men in a remote, fire ravaged mountain range and the team of detectives called in to investigate the incident. As efforts to find the missing young men intensify, Detective John Kilmer begins to suspect that they are in fact looking for something far more sinister.

The film is the debut release from Mattoid Entertainment, a production company specifically tailored to create first-run feature content for release via online platforms. Mattoid Entertainment, the brainchild of In The Darkness writer/director Andrew Robinson and producers Jenna Edwards and Jeremy McGovern, teamed with IndieFlix for the online release.

“Traditionally, movie distribution is prioritized first to theaters, then to DVD with online trailing as a distant afterthought,” said Robinson. “Our mission is to distribute and tailor first run content for an online-based release to give viewers the ability to access and experience our content wherever and whenever they want. In the Darkness is the first of many movies that will help position us as a pioneer in this underutilized new medium.”

In the Darkness was written and directed by Andrew Robinson and stars Shawn Parsons, Shawna Sutherland, Wesley Freitas, Rachel Lien, Mark Sult, Ben Chrystak, Bryan McClure, Joey Lanai, Tony Nevada and Sean Durrie.

In The Darkness was shot entirely with the Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera. According to the filmmakers, the advantage of using this still camera, which shoots 1080p HD quality video, is that it is light and compact for active shooting as well as having the capacity to work in low light, which proved essential as much of the film was shot on rugged mountain terrain at night.

Watch In the Darkness below.