Michael Jackson’s This Is It to come preloaded free on new Samsung hard drive

Samsung Electronics yesterday announced that the Samsung S2 Portable, a fully transportable external hard drive, will be pre-loaded with the recently released tribute movie Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

Timed with the home video release of Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the pre-loaded external HDD will be available at major European retailers beginning on February 22nd, 2010.

Samsung’s S2 Portable has an increased capacity of 500GB and its improved data recording technology makes it the perfect solution for the increasing number of consumers who are building their personal movie collections on their PCs.

In addition to the pre-loaded Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the Samsung S2 Portable boasts USB On Board Technology and supports various user-friendly features such as Samsung Auto Backup that enables real-time or scheduled backup and SecretZone, which encrypts and stores data on a virtual drive as well as SafetyKey, a powerful data-security function that offers dual data protection through a password.

Availability in other areas will be determined following the initial product launch.

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