Who’s directing the Alien Prequel?

According to a report by EW, either Ridley Scott or no one at all.

Apparently Scott’s production company and Fox, which owns the rights to the franchise, have conflicting ideas about who should helm the potential project. Scott plans to produce and had personally chosen commercials director Carl Erik Rinsch – whose ads for German electronics company Saturn are known for their futuristic look – to make his feature debut.

Ridley’s brother Tony Scott told a collider.com reporter during a ‘Pelham 1 2 3’ press event last month that he and Ridley are fully supporting Rinsch as the director. Sources at Fox say that the studio is not interested in moving ahead with the prequel unless Ridley Scott himself directs.

Let’s see, who are you more amped about directing a prequel to one of the greatest sci-fi horrors of all time? Hmmmm.