See an exclusive slideshow of the Clay Enos Black and White Watchmen book photography

Photographer Clay Enos discusses with artist Dave Gibbons the experience of capturing the live-action Watchmen in still images. As the official photographer on the set of Watchmen, Enos was there at every stage of production as director Zack Snyder filmed the adaptation of the legendary graphic novel. As well as creating a visual chronicle of the production, he also made time to work on a very special project – a series of black and white portraits collected into the magnificent coffee-table book Watchmen Portraits. From the lead heroes to extras in the crowd, plus the crew who put the film together, his lens captured them all. Now, this panel offers attendees the chance to see an exclusive slideshow of Enos’s breathtaking portraits and a look at how the real-life characters match up to the original comics counterparts that Gibbons created.

This event takes place on Sunday, starting at 1:30pm, in Room 1A07.

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