Nokia-sponsored web film collaboration hinting at future of grassroots filmmaking?


Screenshot of Nokia Productions website
Screenshot of Nokia Productions website
I was contacted a few days ago with a request that Film Fetish play a prominent role in a Nokia-sponsored, Spike Lee-helmed film premiere that’s taking place in a few weeks. WOM World a Nokia-sponsored blog that covers what’s being said online about Nokia devices and projects Nokia gets involved with. With my affinity towards helping filmmakers use web and mobile platforms to find their audience, in the age of studio consolidation and film commoditization, I thought this would be well worth sharing. I am personally hoping that either the web and mobile platforms, will bring us the next Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, or Spike Lee.

The project is called Nokia Productions. It is a user generated movie consisting of content recorded only on mobile phones, and it has been directed by Spike Lee and apparently sparked multiple submissions from around the net over the last few months. The premiere of the final edited film is coming up and the sponsors are looking to get dedicated film/netizens involved in discussing the final product, the future of this technology and, I assume, personal filmmaking in general.

Alongside the premiere in Hollywood, the creators are running a virtual premiere, including all the content, videos and commentary being uploaded via a video and live streaming. We’re basically asking everyone out there to be “social media film critics”, reviewing the final film and discussing it here at Your comments will be viewed by the massive audience from a number of film-related social networks, and who knows, maybe your comments could spark debate over where digital filmmaking could go in the future.

Please make your comments in the comments section of this posting, and we’ll be preparing a comments widget for these posts, so they can be seen and shared easier.

You can find out more about the project at That’s where the premiere will also be held. I will be updating this post, with additional information regarding that very soon.

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