Blade Runner film review

A rare masterpiece in both the sci-fi and film noir genres. Blade Runner makes you think, makes you question reality, and makes you return to watch it again and again. I own both the VHS and the DVD and have seen the movie a dozen times. It gets better with age. The best work of everyone involved with the project, hands down. Harrison Ford is unforgettable as the is-he-or-isn’t-he??? cop charged with tracking down a band of "replicants," super-strong and brilliant androids on the loose in a dystopic future. Sean Young might have made her only decent movie with this performance, as well… also playing a replicant who doesn’t know she isn’t real. Breathtakingly beautiful despite its dour setting, Ridley Scott’s moodiness really paid off on this one.

Review by Christopher Null © 1999

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