Film Fetish interviews Extract’s Clifton Collins Jr. about the art of acting, working with Mike Judge, getting into ‘R-Rated’ trouble in the heartland and more

I recently interviewed actor Clifton Collins Jr. and some of his answers may surprise or even shock you. He claims to have a cousin named Chris Craig. I personally don’t believe Clifton is English or that his cousin was in involved in the landmark legal case or the film Let ‘Em Have It. More research ….

2009 Newport Beach Film Fest call for submissions

The Newport Beach Film Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with an action-packed line up of independent and studio films from around the globe. From premieres of contemporary cinema, to live fashion shows, and tastes of Newport Beach’s finest culinary creations, we are offering filmmakers the ultimate Festival experience.  The Festival features nightly special ….

Bowling for Columbine film review

Year: 2002 Why is America so violent? In Micheal Moore’s recent best selling book, "Stupid White Men," he raises this question to a pre-911 America and finds fault with the greedy, unscrupulous white men who run the government and corporate America. In his post 911 documentary he takes further aim at their children, in particular ….

Alien film review

The good news: Sigourney Weaver’s famous underwear shot, which probably launched millions of now middle-aged men straight into puberty and beyond, has survived Ridley Scott’s keen eye in his digitally remastered 2003 director’s cut of Alien. As for the bad news, well, there really isn’t any. Alien, first released in 1979 and in theaters right ….