Studio: Lions Gate Films

Cast: Helen Hunt as Mrs. Erlynne, Scarlett Johansson as Lady Windermere, Tom Wilkinson as Tuppy, Stephen Campbell Moore as Lord Darlington, Mark Umbers as Robert Windemere, Milena Vukotic as Contessa Lucchino, Diana Hardcastle as Lady Plymdale, Roger Hammond as Cecil, Jane How as Mrs. Stutfield, Giorgia Massetti as Alessandra and John Standing as Dumby

Crew: Mike Barker (director); Oscar Wilde (wrote original play);
Howard Himelstein (screenplay)

Set in the 1930s on the beautiful Italian Riviera, A GOOD WOMAN is an elegant, witty, romantic comedy based on Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan.

A young couple’s marriage is put in jeopardy by high-society gossip of an affair blossoming. Robert Windermere (Mark Umbers) is accused with providing a secret allowance for Mrs. Erlynne (Helen Hunt), a vampish older woman of ill repute, whilst his wife Meg Windermere (Scarlett Johansson), courts the attention of Lord Darlington (Stephen Campbell Moore), a notorious playboy.

Mrs. Erlynne’s arrival on the Amalfi coast draws the attention of all men on the Riviera, in particular that of Lord Augustus Tuppy (Tom Wilkinson), who proposes to her at his first opportunity.

Events boil to the surface at Meg’s 21st birthday party, forcing Meg to abandon her party with the intention of eloping with the predatory Lord Darlington. When the truth begins to emerge, it becomes apparent that the rumors of affairs were mere hearsay, but a darker secret of family ties lies beneath them. Mrs. Erlynne sacrifices her chance of a happy marriage to Lord Augusts to allow Meg the opportunity to escape from her mistake of running away with Lord Darlington.

Happily reunited with her husband, Meg confesses her sins to Tuppy, thereby clearing Mrs. Erlynne’s name. He chases after her, catching up with her on her departing plan and gains forgiveness. Only Lord Darlington is left with the wind briefly knocking out of his sails.

Production Company: Buskin Film / Kanzaman

Taglines: Seduction. Sex. Scandal. She’s the talk of the town.

Official Websites: agoodwoman-movie.co.uk


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Release Dates: SEPTEMBER 16, 2005 / NEW YORK


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