Splinter Cell and Onimusha Shoot for Big Screen

Splinter Cell and Onimusha Shoot for Big Screen

Variety reports that Paramount Pictures has hired Peter Berg, (The Rundown and Friday Night Lights) to direct its big screen adaptation of Splinter Cell, based on the Ubisoft game series.

The video game series is based on the writings of Tom Clancy, famous for the Jack Ryan espionage novels, including Hunt For Red October and Clear and Present Danger, both of which have been made into feature films. The story follows the adventures of government spy Sam Fisher as he’s sent to thwart high-tech threats and an international terror organization.

Berg is writing the script along with Splinter Cell game writers J.T. Petty and John J. McLaughlin. According to Paramount, the movie is aimed at combining the game’s blend of stealth action with a dynamic, original character.

So far, there have been two extremely successful action games in the series, with a third, entitled Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, scheduled for release in March of 2005.

The Onimusha film has been talked about on the web for a few months, so here are the key players. Davis Films and Focus Features (currently releasing Assault on Precinct 13) will produce the movie. It will be shot in New Zealand (wouldn’t it be cool if Peter Jackson got involved with this project). That may be a possibility, since the effects shop he owns, WETA, will be doing the special effects on the film.

One last bit of game-to-film news. Capcom and Constantin Film are teaming up for a Devil May Cry movie. I love that game, so I hope they don’t fuck it up.

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