Lucas and Cameron 3D Update


Originally Published: March 16, 2005

We have an update to news we announced earlier this week, regarding some technology news from George Lucas and James Cameron, at the ShoWest conference taking place on Las Vegas. Theatrical exhibitors will experience premiere viewing of 3D Clips from 20th Century Fox’s Star Wars: Episode IV and Disney’s Aliens of the Deep at a presentation entitled DLP Cinema Presents James Cameron and George Lucas on 3D: New Dimensions in Digital Cinema: Thursday, March 17, 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.

Texas Instruments announced it will unveil the future of digital cinema and 3D movies at ShoWest, the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry, taking place March 14 – 17 in Las Vegas, NV. Texas Instruments has planned a landmark demonstration with Star Wars creator George Lucas and Academy Award-winning director James Cameron on Thursday, March 17 to showcase 3D theatrical entertainment with DLP Cinema technology. TI will for the fourth consecutive year serve as the corporate sponsor of ShoWest. The new 3D experience enabled by DLP Cinema projectors will be demonstrated and discussed by Lucas and Cameron, both pioneers in digital movie making. A Christie CP2000 DLP Cinema projector will be utilized to showcase scenes in 3D from Fox’s Star Wars: Episode IV, Disney’s Aliens of the Deep and many other movies from various genres, including live action and animation. DLP Cinema projectors provide exhibitors with the first ever opportunity to give moviegoers a pure 3D experience with simple adjustments to a standard installed DLP Cinema projector. Moviegoers watching a 3D movie projected with DLP Cinema technology can immerse themselves in an unparalleled viewing experience with incredible color reproduction and 3D imaging.

“With digital 3D projection, we will be entering a new age of cinema. Audiences will be seeing something which was never technically possible before the age of digital cinema – a stunning visual experience which ‘turbocharges’ the viewing of the biggest, must-see movies,” said Academy Award-winner James Cameron, director of Aliens of the Deep. “The biggest action, visual effects and fantasy movies will soon be shot in 3D. And all-CG animated films can easily be converted to 3D, without additional cost if it is done as they are made. Soon audiences will associate 3D with the highest level of visual content in the market, and seek out that premium experience.”

DLP Cinema technology is currently deployed in more than 310 theatres worldwide through manufacturers Barco, Christie Digital and NEC.

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