Complicated: The Basic Instinct Sequel


Originally Published: February 27, 2007

The looong in development Basic Instinct sequel, Risk Addiction, is finally in pre-production in London. But this highly anticipated sexy sequel to the Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone 1992 hit, has had a long road, filled with cast changes, director shake-ups and more. Here’s a brief history of the life of this forever “in-development, now it’s a RUSH” movie.

Casting Confusion
At first, Sharon Stone didn’t want to star in the sequel. Then producers began considering Ashley Judd or Demi Moore for her role.

Then, with Stone finally on board a few years later, she wanted Catherine Deneuve to star alongside her (didn’t happen).

First of all, Michael Douglas was never on board the project. Producers probably feared that the film wouldn’t have nearly the same appeal without him, which more than likely added a few years to the timeline.

Then Robert Downey Jr. was cast as the star, but had to drop out and do some jail time for drug possession.

Kurt Russell was attached for a short time, but ran when he read the script and found an abundance of “Show the Salami” scenes.

Pierce Brosnan refused to play the male lead because of what he felt were “distasteful” elements.

Bruce Greenwood was also set to star but dropped out because of a impending actors’ strike in Hollywood.

Director’ Musical Chair
David Cronenberg was in talks to direct the film for a few years.

John Mctiernan was set to direct after David Cronenberg, but left after a conflict with producers at C-2 Pictures.

Now… want to find out who’s actually in it, who’s producing, when it’s coming and more. Alright go RIGHT HERE »

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