Damon and DiCaprio Talk The Departed

Among other things, Matt Damon and his The Departed co-star Leonardo DiCaprio trade compliments and respect. Plus, the two superstars dish on working with Martin Scorsese and Jack Nicholson’s obsessions. The Departed hits theaters tomorrow. Check out this week’s Unscripted RIGHT HERE

Halo 3 Trailer

With the Halo film coming out in 2008 and the convergence of gaming and film becoming more and more inevitable, it follows that the trailer for the next Halo game incarnation would be more cinematic than ever. In Halo 3, Master Chief returns to earth, now devastated by the Covenant, to finish the fight started in Haloand Halo 2. Check out the trailer …

Turistas Clips + Info On Hills Have Eyes 2, 28 Weeks Later and More

After a terrifying bus accident maroons a diverse group of young adventure travelers in a remote Brazilian beach town, they slowly discover that the white sand beaches and lush jungles are concealing a darker, unsettling secret. Turistas stars Josh Duhamel (NBC’s Las Vegas) and Melissa George (The Amityville Horror) and is directed by John Stockwell (Blue Crush). Turistas splashes into theaters on December 1, …