The 2006 Fade In Awards

2006 Awards Entry Deadline is October 31, 2006 The Fade In Awards were established in 1996 to assist talented new writers and writer/directors in getting recognized within the Hollywood community in order to begin a career as a working filmmaker. In the last decade, the competition has done just that: After Jon Bokenkamp entered his thriller Preston Tylk, he signed ….

The 10th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival

Fade In Magazine is proud to sponsor the 10th Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival, featuring over two hundred of the Motion Picture and Television industries’ most prominent studio, development and creative executives, producers, literary agents, managers and entertainment lawyers. This is your chance to present your story ideas directly to those in The Business who can actually do something ….

Six NEW Talladega Nights Clips

Below are links to six new clips from Will Ferrell’s upcoming Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The Adam McKay (Anchorman) directed comedy will be in theaters August 4, 2006. Clip 1 – Dinner Table Part 1 Windows HIGH Windows LOW Real Media HIGH Real Media LOW Clip 2 – Dinner Table Part 2 Windows HIGH Windows LOW Real Media ….

Scrubs Scribe to Adapt Fletch Prequel

I am a huge fan of the original Fletch movies, and I remember Kevin Smith being attached to this film at one point, and thinking how cool that would be. But now Bill Lawrence is adapting, so I am once again my interest is rising. Below is the release. The Weinstein Company is proud to announce that Bill Lawrence (Emmy nominated Scrubs) has signed on ….